5th December, 2022

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UI & UX Design

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Taking care of the awkward to navigate issues of having your customer journey correctly through your products and services. Whether it’s an app, you need designing, a website you need to launch or your product made into a hard copy, I’m here to help.

Dedicated to offering the right service for you, let’s discuss what you’re trying to achieve and work from there.

Full-stack Development

Full-Stack Development

Wielding the knowledge of over a decades’ professional experience in WordPress development, safely set on a stable and secure host; I speak your language, let’s talk about that.

Designs are always aimed at cross-platform, fully responsive interfaces allowing your visitors a seamless experience.

About the Founder
Neil Gonzalez

Neil Gonzalez

DevMatters was founded in 2003 and is the birth child of Neil González.  During which Neil was studying Civil Engineering at Kingston University, London and later Architecture at the same University.   Having always been interested in technology, Neil was often found in the university computer labs helping other students, while freelancing as DevMatters between university assignments.

Since its inception, Neil went on to focus the efforts of DevMatters in various iterations from design to photography into video production and back to scripting. Never a one to keeping things still, Neil has always been eager to push ever more at advancing what DevMatters can deliver to his clients.

To find more about Neil’s Photography please go to his website: https://neilgonzalez.photography/

What others have to say:


I have worked with Neil a few times. He has helped me with website coding and functionality. Then more recently he has been hosting the websites I create while proving brilliant help with issues of they pop up. He really has great website know-how and makes it look easy.

Sisley White

I have been working with Neil on different projects. It has been a pleasure to work together, always ready to help and very resolutive. He is always updated with the latest trend and technologies, and he has an excellent knowledge of digital products and he is an expert in the development and visual content.

Beatriz Terreu

I contracted Neil to produce a mobile application wireframe design in Adobe Xd. He was a pleasure to work with. He was especially good at offering new ideas that supported the project, whilst still producing a finished product that stayed within the design brief.

James Sokolowski

Neil is a very keen individual with a determination to succeed as a Technician, and throughout my dealings with him I always found him to be a very enthusiastic and organised individual. I have no doubt that if he continues to demonstrate these characteristics that he will prove himself to be an invaluable member of staff.

Greg Mayson

Neil is a talented designer with great imagination, and highly skilled with computers and technology. An asset to any team!

Victoria Needham

Victoria Needham

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