13th June, 2024

Placing PSDs into Illustrator CS3… when it doesn’t work on (Vista x64).

Righto kids, I’ve been really bothered by this bug. Given the sheer expense of this application suite and the cost of the operating system…. and the 4 processors and 8GBs of RAM…. and so on. Fact of the matter is, when you get round to trying to place even a small PSD file you’ve manipulated in PhotoShop, into Illustrator, it tells you that low and behold you’re out of memory.

Not enough memory

I’ve read loads of forum threads about this, and nobody seems to have a good answer. However, here’s mine:

Find the illustrator icon, albeit on your desktop or on the start menu , right click and select properties.

Select the compatibility tab, tick the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and select Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

Illustrator Properties

It has been driving me mad not being able to use live PSD files in my illustrator, I’m glad I got it going. You will notice that it will alter your windows colour scheme (to windows xp colours) whilst the application is running, if using illustrator is more important than the colour scheme then it wont bother you. 🙂

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  1. Brilliant, this fixes it, and cant see any downside at all, thanks!

    Seems all the cs3 apps in x64 dont work correctly, makes you wonder why you bought a top end machine,,

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