14th June, 2024

New Project Guerrilla-London from Jeenia!

Last week I met with Steph (@JeeniaUK) from Jeenia, who is an agent. She was discussing a potential new client, and only yesterday I met my new client Nathan from Guerilla-London.



The company is quite a noble cause offering opportunities to people  into the creative realm teaching valuable business skills and suchlike. The business is two fold and I wont bore you with the details. However, trust me when I say it sounds good!

So how does DevMatters help with this project? With luck, and much enthusiasm we will be launching a set of websites promoting the brand and bringing Guerrilla-London into the limelight.  Watch this space! I will be talking about it soon.


Of all things great and wonderful, I happened upon Jeenia through the most random routes possible. Those details aside, I can see working with Jeenia being a great progress towards for DevMatters. However, let me share some blurb from their site:

Want to use a student designer but not sure where to start?

We consider each project individually, matching the right creative to the right job depending on style, tone and the level of skill required.

The same quality service at a fraction of the cost (and the students get a good deal too!)

Sounds ideal for us here at DevMatters!

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