13th June, 2024

Blog: The Adventures of MetaMan! (artwork by Sarah Zaidan)

Sarah Zaidan recently contacted me, asking to remaster her MetaMan flash animation. This took me a little by surprise being that I had been referred by a university lecturer of whom I have never met. Having seen the project and understanding the problems Sarah had been struggling with, I could not say no.

It’s quite remarkable that Sarah has taught herself ActionScript 3.0 in order to complete her MetaMan dissertation in illustration (at Kingston University).  Not only that, she achieved this in a matter of a few months, while also dealing with all the other stressful things one has to deal with when completing a PhD, I take my hat off to her.

The Adventures of MetaMan


MetaMan is Sarah’s thesis project for her PhD. It’s the exciting story of MetaMan described as: “A Male Superhero as a Metaphor for Modern Western Masculinity“.  Which is an interactive animation that recounts  the evolution of the character over various decades.  Presently, the MetaMan project is staying offline. I cannot help myself wanting to share with you what is going on here at DevMatters, it is very exciting!

The Project

For this project I am working in Adobe Flash CS6. I hope to move the project later to a different format, say: jQuery. In which compatibility will be more encompassing for all devices.   Presently, I’m tidying up the code and smoothing out the MetaMan presentation, and fixing bugs. I hope to have this project completed in the next week.

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