Website: Oliver Han Music

It comes with great pleasure to announce another completed website. This time for Oliver Han. Oliver who is an excellent singer songwriter musician from Thailand based in London.  Oliver Han’s music has a dreamy acoustic vibe and is great relaxation music.

The website which can be found at here.

The Design

The brief for the design was mostly for a “simple” design.  I believe we (Oliver Han and I) achieved it quite well!  Communication was on a weekly basis, and we ran back and forth with various schemes, design ideas and finally we nailed it with the current layout.

Oliver Han Music Front Page

About Oliver Han

Abstracted from the website:

[…] On the London live music scene since 2014, Oliver has set out to carve a distinct style of live solo performance. A million miles away from his rock and metal roots, yet these influences can be heard in the use of power chords and electric guitar style. Oliver’s style is strongly influenced by nature and his life experiences, clearly narrated in a simple lyrical form.[…]

Future works with Oliver Han

It is likely that there will be more projects working with Oliver Han. DevMatters is excited to be considered part of this adventure.

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